Who is JW Real Estate?


Wiebe Vekemans

Partner and your contact in The Netherlands

Wiebe Vekemans is 36 years old and lives in Tilburg. He gained work experience at a service company active in the construction and industrial sector. For several years, he worked in the automotive and shipping industry and, at one point, chose to specialize in real estate investing. In 2021, Wiebe purchased his very first own investment property. He soon noticed that the current Dutch market makes it increasingly difficult to find suitable real estate and make a good return.

By broadening his horizons and thinking outside the box, Wiebe soon realized that Dubai – in addition to the great climate and beautiful architecture – has a strong vision on how the city should develop in the future; investing is encouraged here, including by foreign investors.

When Wiebe looked at his network and the opportunities Dubai had to offer, the choice was clear. Together, he and Jeroen founded JW Real Estate Dubai. Their goal: to offer the Dutch unique real estate investor investments while offering customers complete peace of mind and optimal service.


Jeroen van Dijk

Partner and your contact in Dubai

Jeroen van Dijk is 48 years old and lives in Dubai. Jeroen gained a lot of work experience at various organizations that focus on offering sustainable solutions. These were mostly turnkey ‘Build Own Transfer’ (also known as BOT/BOOT) projects on a lease basis in the water treatment industry. Jeroen mainly focused on contractual jobs there.

In addition, Jeroen now also has more than 20 years of experience in the Gulf area, including the United Arab Emirates and, in particular, the city of Dubai. Jeroen is very familiar with local infrastructure, laws, regulations, and procedures. Combined with his legal background and network of real estate developers in Dubai, this is an excellent starting point for Dutch investors. As a partner of JW Real Estate Dubai, Jeroen knows best how to purchase the right real estate and integrally guide the process until the final step in the transaction.

“Dubai is a real estate gem located on the Arabian Gulf.”